Friday, August 8, 2008

Feeling crafty

Well I started cleaning my room and as I am putting away all my supplies that I've allowed to be a mess I discovered that I'm feeling crafty again. Seeing all those goodies has inspired me to finish a couple of swaps (one I finished really early! lol) and to create some new things.
This is some card candy I made for a seasonal card candy swap. My assignment as you can see was winter.
The next thing I finished was for another swap. For this swap we had to create a Birthday card with a matching tag. I later finished the tag by stamping the word "celebrate!" below the candles.

Then I worked on some extra postage holders. I was inspired by a gal from, she had created one that had double sided paper with a peek-a-boo center and a transparency. So tried to recreate one for myself but I hated the end result. As I was cleaning I came across a matchbook that my friend Teenah had given me in a Easter NSSS (not so secret sister) swap. So went online and found a template for a matchbook that would fit a snack size M&Ms (end measurements of 2 x 3). I really wanted something that would hold the stamps so they weren't going to fall out and I came across some 'bagettes' from my jewelry making days. LOL I liked them so much I went crazy and made 25 of them. Here is the end result:

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