Tuesday, April 20, 2010

2 birthday cards by special requests

My husband recently asked me to make his step-mom a birthday card. I had been trying a new technique I found through the papercraft message board for flowers so I made a few to go on this card. The card has a matching envelope but I forgot to take a picture of it. I love this paper for some reason too.. I love the way the card turned out. (Dew drops rocks!)

The 2nd request I had this week was to make a birthday card with Goofy on it. Wow, talk about out of my comfort zone lol So I put a request out on the Scrapbooking side of the clubck website and Joan came to my rescue. (Thank you Joan, I couldn't have made this card without you!) I wanted Goofy to look like he was actually moving as he danced so I had an idea to make him into a tilt card (you can find the tutorial HERE) Only his legs move.
I went to my LSS tonight just to get out and whipped the card out in no time at all (or at least it felt that way but it took me all 2 hours I was there lol) I made the card into an easel card so it could be displayed better. The paper I used was Disney and I found the ribbon and thought it went perfect with it.
This picture shows Goofy dancing

This picture shows a little better the bottom part (or the 'inside') of the easel

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