Friday, July 15, 2011

Baby Shower Decorations

I volunteered to help make decorations for a baby shower. I was a little short on ideas so my friend Camille sent me a picture. I was trying to spend as little money as possible.

The inspiration:

I had gotten these 2 David Stark Topiary's from work during the holiday's (for free). They've been in the trunk of my car for months. I figured they would be perfect.

So I went to Walmart and bought a can of spray paint to try to cover a little of the newsprint. It didnt cover completely, it seemed to soak right in. But I still think it looked ok.

I had cupcake liners (reg and mini sized), but they were white. Since they were white they looked too much like, well, a cupcake liner.. So I used 2 different glimmer mists on them to make them different shades of pink, and attached them to the ball part of the topiary.

Then I used yellow glimmer mist on paper and cut out circles to use as centers.

I added some ribbon around the top and the bottom of the 'planter' part

Here's the completed project. (and it only cost me $2.50 for the paint)


Michelle said...

Cute. I big ball decoration that looked similar in the Ballard Designs catalog. Thanks for linking up with DIY under $5!

Just Me said...

Those are really cute Pene. I'm sure they will/were a hit at the baby shower.